Technology in the ESL Classroom ... what do you think?

There are many different uses for technology in the classroom. I have talked to teachers who use facebook, myspace, blogs, youtube, twitter, tumblr, achieve3000, email and the list goes on. What do you think?
I want to pose two questions today.

1) Should we use technology or is it too distracting?

2) What technology do you use in your class?

Let me know what you think I would love to hear your thoughts!


Nafis said...

I respond to these questions as a student.
I took part in an ESL class that our teacher used some video clips on the internet. We had to watch them and the next day, to discuss on the subject.Those clips were more difficult than ones we watched in the class.So, we needed to spend more time on them.
She also sent some grammar and writting topics by email.Our teacher corrected our writing through emails and encourages us, which I have kept them until now.Whenever I am hopless in learning English I read them.So, it is very good for enhancing the motivation as well.

Melissa said...

That is a good use of technology. What were the video clips about? Did you find them helpful?

Nafis said...

These video clips were about "the Sustainability" in Vancouver. I do not remember the exact details, but I remember that video clip explained how we can save the environment. That was from a website called GVTV with this address:
She assigned us to find particular video which she found very helpful.Then, we all find it when we were at home and watched it many many times. Next, we had to fill the blank sentences with the words we heard in the clip.
It was really helpful because I could be familiar with the native accent. what we learn in class and also listen is really clear English which is different from people's English on streets. So, it was really great, we could better understand real English.
I can totally understand the accent of ESL teachers.They speak slowly and clearly.But, talking and comprehending people on the streets, shops, restaurants and etc is too difficult.
Watching these videos are also fun and add some content varieties in teaching materials.I was so eager to know what it will be the next video and what I will watch.
We also listened to some beautiful music which was very touching. since that time, I learned music can help me a lot more to learn English.

Melissa said...

That is a good idea to write down what you heard in the video clips. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us Nafis.

Nafis said...

Dear melissa,

It is my pleasure.