WOW ... very impressive

I recently started incorporating blogs into my after school ESL program. I have had pretty good results, but one of my students, Diego, has impressed me so much that I had to share with you his blog.

A little background, Diego is a 12 year old Ecuadorian ESL student in the 7th grade. He has been living in the US for 9 months.

My instruction - I helped each of my students set up their blog and their profile. However, the blogs they write are completely their choice. If a student does not know what to write about I will give them ideas; favorite movie, things you remember about your country, what you learned in ESL class, etc. I will not edit their blogs unless they ask for help. Some students ask for help and some do not. Diego will ask for help on spelling a few words, but usually nothing more.

Take a look at his blog ... you will be impressed! (and if you feel so inclined comment on one of his blogs, you have no idea how happen he will be)
Diego's Blog


tina said...

I checked out Diego's blog. He's right about you being the best teacher in the world!!!! And I always love checking out your blog too!

pavlo said...

Hey its Pavlo,

Do you enjoy your job as a ESL teacher?

Melissa said...

Yes, I do enjoy being an ESL teacher. It is very interesting. ESL students are so fun to work with because they have a yearning to learn like no other students.

Melissa said...
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